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Draft Policies in Circulation

The Board of Education welcomes the input of all education partners and the public, with respect to the development, review and revision of its policies.

Currently in Circulation:

Received first reading and circulation for feedback at the January 10, 2024 meeting in public:

This Bylaw is being circulated for feedback. The next readings will be considered at the next scheduled meeting in public on February 14, 2024. Once the Bylaw receives three readings and is adopted, the following policies and procedures will be repealed (replaced by the revised Bylaw #2).

  • Policy and Procedure 111 Representation at Board Meetings
  • Policy and Procedure 115 Election to Board Positions

The Board of Education presented a Notice of Motion at its January 10, 2024 meeting in public for adoption of the following policies:

The Board will consider the question of adopting these policies at the next scheduled meeting in public on February 14, 2024. Once adopted, the Board will repeal the previous policy/procedure to be replaced.

Feedback can be directed to Anna Szul

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