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Bylaw and Policy Manual

The Board is ultimately responsible for all district policy, which is divided into two areas:

  1. Bylaws set out the specific rules, not covered by legislation, by which the Board will be governed. (Bylaws are also legally required for budgets, capital projects, disposal of lands and school closures, but these specific bylaws are not presented as part of district policy).
  2. Governance policies articulate and define important objectives, principles or values; and to define roles, responsibilities and authority.
  3. Administrative policies and procedures (to be renovated as Administrative Practices) are operational in nature and allow for consistent and effective operations in an organization or a department.

About School District No. 64 (Gulf Islands) Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

Policy Renovation 

The Board of Education is undertaking a full renovation of its policy manual. As policies are developed, revised, and reorganized within a new numbering system, they will be posted under sections 1.00 to 7.00 below. Both numbering systems will be used and together comprise the Board’s current policy manual, until such time as all policies have been addressed and captured within the new numbering system.

Note: As policies are renovated into the new system, Procedures/Administrative Procedures previously in the old numbering system, will be either incorporated as guidelines within newly renovated policies, or revised as separate Administrative Practices. Administrative Practices are operational in nature and developed to provide constructive, administrative direction under the authority of the Superintendent's Office. SD64 Administrative Practices can be found here.

Policies currently in circulation for feedback


  1. Election Procedures
  2. Procedural
  3. Appeal Process


Governance Policies and Procedures

Administrative Policies and Procedures

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