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Careers and Trades

Welcome to Gulf Islands School District Careers and Transitions

We are glad to have you check out our programs. Students, parents, careers-and-transitions.c9473a1300.jpgemployers and Career and Transitions district staff can find information here about programs that prepare students for success after high school. There are many choices to consider including travel, work, university or college for either academic, technical or trades training. Each path is a valid choice and this webpage provides information about training programs and resources that sync/mesh with student’s interests, skills and values.

While concepts and exploration around careers are embedded in curriculum K-12, these career and transition programs at the high school level are best suited for senior students who are keen, with good attendance and study skills. The programs offered provide an opportunity to learn the fundamental skills required for a number of careers and often include hands-on work experience and on-the-job training with local employers.

Dual Credit Opportunities
Work Experience
Train in Trades
Dual Credit Academic

Work in Trades

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