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Course Selection Guide

Gulf Islands Secondary School recognizes the valuable relationship between accessing personalized learning opportunities and experiencing meaningful education.  Gulf Islands Secondary School centres learning on educational innovation and personal excellence through the following practices...
  • designing flexible personal learning opportunities

  • focusing on whole student learning

  • maintaining educational practices amplifying student interest & dedication

  • acknowledging achievements in which individuals apply educational initiative

  • promoting students following personal motivation through Work Experience, Ace-It & SSA programs

  • offering engaging academic courses through SHIFT. 

How to Use this Guide 

This guide will outline all of the graduation requirements and options for students in Grades 8 through 12 at GISS. 


  1. Learn which courses are required by studying this guide, and also by verifying specific university and college entrance requirements.

  2. Where a requirement involves a choice of courses (Foundations of Math 11 or Pre Calculus 11, Workplace Math 11 for example) read the course descriptions, seek your subject teacher's advice. Make realistic decisions.

  3. When choosing any course, read the description carefully. Think about your personal skills and interests.

  4. Use a Grad Planning tool based on the grade you are entering.  

  5. Timetable conflicts sometimes make it impossible to take all the courses you want. Plan alternative courses and write them on your course planning form. 

Note: We hire and assign staff according to your choices now – please choose wisely and don’t expect to be able to switch courses in September! 

Click below or on the side menu (desktop view) to access all out Course Selection pages: 

Earning Credits


Specialized Programs


Dual Credit

Course Selection Forms

Course Descriptions:

Applied Skills


English Language Arts

Human Services


Physical and Health Education




Social Studies

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