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Human Services

Care Economy Career Sampler 11 *New Course

Students will learn what they need to KNOW, DO and UNDERSTAND to be successful pursuing careers in the Care Economy sector. Class activities focus on jobs in childcare, teaching, social work, eldercare, allied health and emergency response occupations. Students will train in professional communication techniques, become aware of diverse world views and master personal wellness strategies. If you have a desire to help others, explore a range of "in demand" occupations in Care Economy Career Sampler 11 next year.

Leadership 10 - 12 

This course enrols students in Grades 10 - 12 and may be retaken at each grade level. This course explores many skills involved in leadership such as teamwork, conflict resolution, communication, cohesion, integrity, stress, trust etc.  It also requires a substantial amount of time outside class. Students work together in cross-grade teams to complete assigned projects ranging from spirit activities for the student body to service projects in the community. Students make choose to focus their leadership development by running school events, or by supporting the school's athletics program. This course is run outside the timetable and the group meets on Tuesdays at lunch. 


Peer Tutoring 11 & 12

Students can receive credit in Peer Tutoring by providing academic support, homework review and encouragement to fellow students. Opportunities include assisting students in classes or the Learning Resource Centre, assisting teachers in the classroom, helping at Salt Spring Elementary, or providing one-on-one tutoring to fellow students. Training is provided in class at the beginning of the semester and PT meetings are scheduled at alternate times. These meetings provide tutors with professional development opportunities to learn about learning differences, tutoring strategies and available community support services.

Psychology 12

This course has been developed for those students who have an interest in psychology and wish to pursue it further at a post-secondary facility. Psychology 12 is a course designed to provide students with an understanding of human behaviour and basic concepts in modern psychology. This course covers the five major psychological domains: methods, neuroscience, cognitive, social, and developmental in order to achieve a general overview of this subject area.

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