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French 9 - 12

The French program picks up from the grade 5 – 8 Core French program and extends the students’ learning with increasing sophistication. The courses build on each other so should be taken sequentially. There is a strong emphasis on communication skills acquired through an experiential approach and an appreciation of French culture. Students can expect to speak more French each year and attain a functional level of fluency by Grade 12.  Depending on enrolment, French 12 may be offered in alternating years only. Grade 11 students should check with their counselor and possibly take French 12 in their grade 11 year.

Beginner's Spanish 11, Spanish 11 & 12

The Spanish program begins with the beginner level course, which can be taken as early as grade 10, and increases in sophistication in subsequent courses. The courses build on each other so should be taken in order.  Students engage in reading, writing, listening and speaking activities in a communicative, experiential approach. 

Into Language 11

SHIFT offers many languages at the beginner level through our online Rosetta Stone program. Languages available include German, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Croatian or Korean. Students study the language of their choice through an online immersion program that includes listening, reading, writing and speaking. Cultural studies are included as part of the program. 

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