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Specialized Programs

French Immersion

We offer a full French Immersion Program at GIIS. Students who successfully complete the Secondary French Immersion program attain bilingual status and are awarded a Bilingual Dogwood certificate upon graduation. This certificate opens the door to numerous post-secondary opportunities in learning and working in Canada. The program involves taking 4 courses at the grade 8 and 9 levels, 2 courses at the grade 10 level and a full-time Intensive Semester in the second half of grade 11 ending with the Provincial Assessment in FRAL12. Students generally stay with the same cohort throughout the program and benefit from many extra-curricular activities as part of their learning. All coursework is required to receive a dual Dogwood certificate.


Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts

The Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts offers advanced education in Music, Dance and Theatre for students in grades 10-12.  

A student enrolled in GISPA receives ongoing, comprehensive training, master classes and workshops  with visiting professionals, performance opportunities in various showcases and main-stage productions, as well as attending several professional productions and performances in Victoria & Vancouver.  With an emphasis on original composition, choreography and collective creation we integrate Dance, Theatre and Music in unique and innovative ways, though individualized instruction in Music, Dance and Theatre is our focus.

GISPA courses are similar to those offered in first or second year post secondary arts programs, and include secondary level course credit. Admission is by audition and successful applicants pay a participation fee for ten months of programming. 

Please visit the district website for more information.

If you are interested in auditioning for the program please contact Jason Donaldson:


This dual credit semester long (20 week) program provides students in grades 10-12task.ae77941325.jpg TASK with entry level trades training in a variety of different career areas linked the construction trade.

  • Offered in partnership with Camosun College, and the Industry Training Authority, students engage in hands-on learning in an intensive semester.
  • Students learn workplace safety, material handling, drafting, and use of power tools while framing small buildings. Instruction in other trade areas takes place at Camosun College.
  • Certification in First Aid, Fire Suppression, Fall Arrest and Confined Space Entry are also included. TASK students build from Monday to Thursday and participate in Work Experience placements each Friday and for the entire month of June.
  • Enrolling in TASK is a great way to springboard into Secondary School Apprenticeship and Train in Trades (tuition free technical training at college).

Students will earn the following courses towards their graduation for a total of 20 credits:

  • Explore Trades Sampler (ITA): 12 credits
  • Woodworking 11 or 12: 4 credits
  • Work Experience 12A: 4 credits

Phoenix PLACE Personalised Learning And Community-based Education

Phoenix Place offers students in grades 10, 11 and 12 a personalized, self-directed learning experience in a comfortable, flexible and relaxed learning environment. A self paced and sometimes project-based learning approach offers students wide choices through enriching activities both inside and beyond the classroom. Student development of pre-employment awareness, skills and attitudes is a major focus. If you think this might be the program for you, make an appointment with a school counsellor.


SEEC (Saturna Ecological Education Centre) is a school  on Saturna Island where students leave their homes from Monday to Wednesday (a 3 day week) for 1 full-year to live and sleep in sustainably designed off grid cabins. The power comes from solar panels,  a hydro-dam, and there is a wood stove for communally cooking your meals. Focusing on place based ecology and leadership through outdoor pursuits, SEEC's full year program offers students credits that are based on Grade 10/11 curriculum  through an integrated suite of 8 courses (32 credits): 

 PE and Outdoor Ed - x2

Science - Environmental focus x2

Socials - First Nations, critical thinking and world issues

English - presentations and performing in a play

Careers - Exploring identity, place, and possibilities

BAA special- A course about living off grid, self reflection, and making   connections through service learning

There is a small activity fee at the start of the year to cover certifications such as Paddle Canada's Kayaking Level 1, a week long hiking trip and other exciting authentic learning opportunities.  There is only space available for 12-15 students maximum so please visit SEEC website for more information, contact, and to sign up online.


Education in B.C. continues to grow and evolve to support student success by modernizing the delivery of online learning programs and courses to provide the best learning experience possible for students.  

Gulf Islands School District students can sign up for online learning with our district’s online learning school 64GO and meet graduation requirements. 

Through 64GO, students will:  

  • Have flexible timetable and course options to meet their needs 

  • Learn in a way that best meets their personal learning needs 

  • Work with their teacher to reach goals in their learning plan 

  • Get support through opportunities for in-person learning and interactions with other students 

Please make an appointment to speak to Tony Marshall or Nia Williams, in counselling, if you are interested in this program.


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