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  • The participation fees are $1500.00. We budget the programming as $150.00 per student, per month (or just under $40.00 a week). This goes towards the field-trips to professional productions in Victoria and Vancouver (including transportation and accommodations), master-classes, workshops and clinics with professionals as well as facility rentals and technical supplies. Also, GISPA students participate in several hours of instruction, theory, technique classes and rehearsal, depending on the week.

  • Yes, when possible. Often there are workshops or classes that are made available to all students. Or, when spaces become available in classes or on field-trips, GISPA students are the first invited to attend. Usually, if the other classes don’t conflict with the student’s primary work, then arrangements can be made. However, it is also our experience that it is best for each ensemble that students specialize and prioritize one strand only.

  • Sometimes more than others. We do our best to schedule workshops and trips around the GISS timetable and to maximize organization, communication and time management. It is the students’ responsibility to stay in good standing in all of their classes and to prioritize their work loads.

  • Though it is ideal that a student enroll in GISPA for the full year it is possible to attend for one semester only. The program is structured, to an extent, that skills acquired in the first semester are put into practice in the second semester. However, international students that are at GISS for half a year, or students who have an impossibly restricted timetable have taken one semester of GISPA in the past. Auditions for second semester should be scheduled as early as possible.

  • Bursaries are available for eligible GISPA students. Additionally, if fees shall cause financial hardship, we will accept payment by instalments (one or more post-dated cheque[s]). For cases of serious need, we can make other arrangements. In the event of an inability to pay, please contact Lyall Ruehlen, GISS Principal, at 250-537-9944.

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