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Green Cleaning Program

Cleaning for Health

SD # 64 Building Service Worker: Green Cleaning Program

The Building Service Workers of SD # 64 have been implementing a Cleaning for Health program. The program is part of the Building Service Worker training program being provided by Servitech training. Servitech training is a consulting and training company that works with schools and businesses to develop effective green cleaning programs.

In 2 years School District 64 has made many changes. The following is a list of some of the changes:

  • Using green seal approved cleaning products
  • Applying green seal approved floor finishes
  • High particulate filtering systems on vacuums
  • Using vacuums when possible instead of dry mops
  • Eliminating High Speed buffing
  • Using Bio products on the commercial kitchen floor
  • Using Bio products to control odors
  • Using Auto Scrubbers to wash and restore floors
  • Using Microfiber as a cleaning tool

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Future Goals to the Cleaning for Health Program

  • Biodegradable garbage bags
  • More microfiber cleaning systems
  • Standards that recognize cleaning for health and not appearance
  • Hydrogen Peroxide green seal sanitizing products

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