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Code of Conduct

At GISS we are dedicated to the advancement of learning and social responsibility through Guided Individual Student Success.


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to:

  • Promote conduct that supports a safe, orderly and healthy learning environment.

  • Establish expectations for conduct while engaged in school activities.

  • Promote conduct that supports individual freedoms, rights, and responsibilities.

We believe that as students mature they will:

  • Demonstrate increasing personal and social responsibility and self-discipline.


Acceptable student conduct involves:

  • Acting in a safe and respectful way towards self and others.

  • Demonstrating a commitment to and respect for learning and the learning environment.

  • Avoiding, and in no way condoning or promoting, discrimination on any basis for an individual or a group, including but not limited to, race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, physical or mental disability, gender, or sexual orientation.


Unacceptable Student Conduct:

  • Shows a lack of respect for self, others, the school and the learning environment.

  • Involves acts of discrimination, bullying, harassment and/or intimidation.

  • Involves illegal acts.​

Consequences for Unacceptable Student Conduct:

  • Responses to inappropriate conduct will be thoughtful, timely and reasonable.


Notification of violations of the Code of Conduct will be as follows:

  • Parents/guardians of offenders and/or victims.

  • School staff members where appropriate

  • Community services

  • School District officials, as required by policy.

  • Police and other agencies as required by law.

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